Stopper Division Fall 2023

April 2024
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Home Team Wears Gold

Everton (Home) vs Arsenal (Away)
Manchester City (Home) vs Aston Villa (Away)
Liverpool (Home) vs Chelsea (Away)
Nottingham Forrest (Home) vs Crystal Palace (Away)
Newcastle (Home) vs Tottenham (Away)
Nottingham Forrest (Home) vs Arsenal (Away) Makeup from 9/23
Chelsea (Home) vs Newcastle (Away) Makeup from 9/23
Manchester City ( Home) vs Crystal Palace (Away) Makeup from 9/23
Tottenham (Home) vs Nottingham Forrest (Away)
Nottingham Forrest (Home) vs Everton (Away)
Manchester City (Home) vs Tottenham (Away)
Chelsea (Home) vs Crystal Palace (Away)
Liverpool (Home) vs Arsenal (Away)
Aston Villa (Home) vs Newcastle (Away)
Everton (Home) vs Tottenham (Away) Makeup from 9/23
Aston Villa (Home) vs Liverpool (Away) Makeup from 9/23
Chelsea (Home) vs Aston Villa (Away)
Newcastle (Home) vs Everton (Away)
Arsenal (Home) vs Manchester City (Away) Makeup from 9/26
Crystal Palace (Home) vs Liverpool (Away) Makeup from 9/26
Crystal Palace (Home) vs Aston Villa (Away)
Everton (Home) vs Manchester City (Away)
No Games - Autumn Lights Festival
Tottenham (Home) vs Liverpool (Away)
Newcastle (Home) vs Nottingham Forrest (Away)
Arsenal (Home) vs Chelsea (Away)
Nottingham Forrest (Home) vs Liverpool (Away)
Manchester City (Home) vs Nottingham Forrest (Away)
Tottenham (Home) vs Chelsea (Away)
Crystal Palace (Home) vs Newcastle (Away)
Liverpool (Home) vs Everton (Away)
Everton (Home) vs Chelsea (Away)
Newcastle (Home) vs Manchester City (Away)
Arsenal (Home) vs Crystal Palace (Away)
Tottenham (Home) vs Aston Villa (Away)
Arsenal (Home) vs Newcastle (Away) - Canceled due to rain
Crystal Palace (Home) vs Tottenham (Away) - Canceled due to rain
Liverpool (Home) vs Manchester City (Away) - Canceled due to rain
Chelsea (Home) vs Nottingham Forrest (Away) - Canceled due to rain
Aston Villa (Home) vs Everton (Away) - Canceled due to rain
Aston Villa (Home) vs Arsenal (Away) - Makeup from 10/14
Playoff Game 1 - Arsenal (Gold) vs Everton (Black)
Playoff Game 2 - Aston Villa (Gold) vs Chelsea (Black)
Playoff Game 3 - Nottingham Forrest (Gold) vs Chelsea (Black)
Playoff Game 5 - Manchester City (Gold) vs Crystal Palace (Black)
Playoff Game 4 - Newcastle (Gold) vs Everton (Black)
Playoff Game 6 - Liverpool (Gold) vs Tottenham (Black)
Game 7 Semi Final - Chelsea (Gold) vs Crystal Palace (Black)
Game 8 Semi Final - Everton (Gold) vs Liverpool (Black)
Stopper Championship - Crystal Palace (Gold) vs Everton (Black)