Cross Town Tournament Event
Saturday, November 12, 2022
9AM ~ 12:30PM

Locations (depends on team assignment)
Field 1: 261 Wheatsworth Rd, Hamburg
Field 2: 60 Ginger Bread Castler Rd, Hamburg 

WMYSO has one more event to finish off the season.

This is the Cross Town tournament in Wallkill, NJ. We are looking for players from all Keeper Division Teams so we can field 2 teams (12 players per team).

West Milford Team 1 and West Milford Team 2, to play against other Cross Town teams.

If your child is interested, please sign up here.
Please contact your coach or if you have any questions.

It’s another opportunity for the players to get involved one last time before the soccer season ends this year. The winning team will get the tournament trophy to be showcased at the Recreation Center in our town.

NOTE: Although we want to encourage everyone to play, this event is for players not currently participating in any travel soccer programs.